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Contemporary Moms
A site where today's moms share the many facets of motherhood. It includes an array of topics that help moms and moms-to-be succeed in their everyday walk of life.
Babies Online
Attention new & expectant parents! Create a web page for your new baby, complete with pictures, instantly and for free! Tons of other great (and free!) stuff for new and expectant parents too.
Baby Place
The starting point for information on pregnancy, birth and babies.
Creativity Institute 
The Creativity Institute - Toys to Make Children More Creative Toys and child development articles to bring out the creative
potential in infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school age children. Arts and crafts, puppets, play tents, musical toys, blocks and more.
Robyn's Nest ~ The Parenting Network
A comprehensive parent, grandparent, teacher and family interactive community featuring information, articles, video, chat, and discussion focusing on pregnancy through early school age.
Check out our collection of Parenting and Child care Quizzes for both new and experienced parents. We also have loads of other useful & fun resources for parents.
Home Directory Network
A carefully checked link network for a variety of places. 

Check out this valuable source of information for parents of children with disabilities seeking information to assist them in caring for their family. See how your contemporaries deal with similar issues.

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.

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