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:: Money Making From Home
:: Specializing in products and services for people who want to work from home...and succeed, OutSourceS2000 helps thousands of people make a transition to the home-based work place.


The Books about FREE stuff and more listed on this page were picked not only for their theme, but were recommended by customers (at least 4 stars out of 5) or are new books with no reviews but by acclaimed authors.
Any purchase made from links to Amazon from this page will result in a portion of the sale being donated to the EB Info World website.
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Mompreneurs Online: Using the Internet to Build Work at Home Success
by Patricia Cobe, Ellen H. Parlapiano

According to the National Foundation of Women Business Owners, six in ten women business owners use the Internet with frequency. In this up-to-the-minute book, Patricia Cobe and Ellen H. Parlapiano offer these entrepreneurial women advice on how to get an at-home Web business up and running, take an existing business online, or find a company that allows telecommuting. With the sound and timely advice in Mompreneurs Online, women can build an Internet-based, kid-friendly business in the comfort (or chaos) of their very own homes.
* Target the hottest, family-friendly Web businesses
* Maximize online money-making potential with innovative marketing strategies
* Build a dynamic website-one that will keep visitors coming back again and again
* Network with other "mompreneurs" online
The Work-At-Home Mom's Guide to Home Business: Stay at Home and Make Money With
by Cheryl Demas

Everything you need to know about this lifestyle choice. This conversational, supportive guide contains humorous essays and cartoons, combined with practical advice, to create a great resource for women looking to start a home business, as well as for those already working at home. Topics cover all aspects of the work-at-home lifestyle: choosing a business, making the transition, working with children (and husbands), taking care of yourself, promoting the business, and more. Author Cheryl Demas is the founder of, and a leading advocate for moms who wish to work-at-home while caring for their children. Demas and have been feature in BusinessWeek, USA Today, Newsweek, Forbes The Chicago Sun Times, and the LA Times, among others.
Mommy-CEO: 5 Golden Rules
by Jodie Lynn

Mommy-CEO is not about breaking the glass ceiling. It is parents helping other parents with REAL solutions to everyday pull your hair out family challenges and valuing mom as the real CEO.
About the Author
Jodie Lynn is a nationally syndicated parenting columnist, author and soccer mom. Her column, Parent to Parent, is synidcated by Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service and has a potential readership of 29.7 million. She is the CEO of Parent to Parent and knows first hand that the 5 Golden Rules will help parents raise children in today's society without losing their mind or forgetting themselves. Her motto: "ALL MOMS ARE WORKING MOMS and never under estimate the power of prayer."
The Stay-At-Home Mom's Guide to Making Money from Home: Choosing the Business That's Right for You Using the Skills and Interests You Already Have
by Liz Folger

Increase Your Family’s Income While Taking Care of Your Children!
Did you know that millions of moms just like you are making money from the comfort of their homes? You can do it too! Stay-at-home mom expert Liz Folger shows you step-by-step how you can stay home with your kids and make money doing something you really enjoy. From scrapbooking, catering, and massage therapy to pet sitting, accounting, Creations & Servicesing, and hundreds more, you can turn your skills and talents into profits for you and your family. Inside, you’ll learn how to:
·Find a business you love
·Plan and budget your time
·Manage yourself, your business, and your family
·Tap into the Internet’s vast resources and opportunities
·Avoid get-rich scams and costly mistakes
·Obtain a business license
·And much, much more!
You’ll also discover tips and advice from 35 moms who have started their own successful businesses from home. If they can do it, why not you? With The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Guide, you too can turn your home-business dreams into reality.
Making Money With Your Computer at Home: The Inside Information You Need to Know to Select and Operate a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Add-On Business
by Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards

Self-employment gurus Paul and Sarah Edwards have updated their popular Working from Home series with a new edition of Making Money with Your Computer at Home: The Inside Information You Need to Know to Select and Operate a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Add-On Business That's Right for You. Focusing on the publishing, health, finance, music, and design industries, they describe 100 viable computer-oriented home-based enterprises in part 1 and include resources for further information. In part 2, they explain how to use computers to manage finances, fulfill administrative duties, complete marketing chores, and perform other tasks
The Entrepreneurial Parent: How to Earn Your Living and Still Enjoy Your Family, Your Work and Your Life
by Paul Edwards, Lisa M. Roberts, Sarah Edwards

Working from Home authors Paul and Sarah Edwards team up with's Lisa Roberts to create the most detailed, realistic reference guide for the millions of Americans who earn a living from home while raising a family. Through "The National Survey of Entrepreneurial Parents," over 700 respondents who have embraced this alternative work-life option speak up for those who would like to. This information-packed book features 101 EP profiles, plus chapters on financial transitions, time management, family affairs and passing the EP tradition on to the next generation. Other features include "Day in the Life" work schedules, "Beat the Clock" strategies, 10 "Show & Tell" business profiles, inspirational kid quotes, favorite EP resources, and survey stats. For anyone who's ever wanted to know the realities of working from home as a parent...and the possibilities.
Making Money in Cyberspace
by Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Linda Rohrbough

Paul and Sarah Edwards have kept abreast of changing directions in small business through a series of eight bestselling books that began with their pioneering Working from Home, first published in 1985. Now, teaming up with computer industry journalist Linda Rohrbough, they've set their sights on the Internet and how to profitably incorporate it into an entrepreneurial operation. The book delivers on exactly what the title offers, Making Money in Cyberspace: The Inside Information You Need to Start or Take Your Own Business On-Line, and aims to flatten the learning curve for novice but interested small businesses. The nuts and bolts of working both within the medium (designing Web sites and providing associated services to others, for instance) and with it (selling various unrelated goods and services online) are thoroughly discussed from the small-business perspective, as are technical matters (such as choosing an entrepreneur-friendly ISP and setting up a credit-card account). Periodic profiles of those who successfully use cyberspace in their business--complete with relevant URLs--are also interesting and instructive. --Howard Rothman
A View from the Tub: An Inspiring and Practical Guide to Working from Home
by Millie Szerman

Michele Marrinan, Former Editor of Home Worker Magazine
Szerman's straightforward approach will make you think seriously and help you plan for success before making the leap.
Amy Stavis, Publisher/Editor of Tableware Today
A MUST READ for budding work-at-home entrepreneurs. Well worth the cost in the first chapter alone!
Training Magazine, July, 2001
Do not be fooled. This one should be read, and reread, both for a home-based business or telework arrangement.
Book Description
Whether in the tub, on the deck, or in the basement, A View From The Tub will prepare you to meet the challenges and enjoy the benefits of the work-at-home lifestyle. Written in a frank, intelligent and down-to-earth fashion, this book is a Must Read for those on the brink of this journey!
The Practical Dreamer's Handbook: Finding the Time, Money, and Energy to Live the Life You Want to Live
by Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards

How often do each of us imagine a craft, business, or career we'd love to pursue or a unique place we'd love to live, only to drum up a hundred different reasons why it can't be done: Our bills are too high; we're tied down to our current home; our families will disapprove; our dreams won't pay enough-the list goes on and on. The Practical Dreamer's Handbook is the answer to those self-limiting notions. The groundbreaking authors of Working from Home explain how readers can reverse their current mindset and marshal their resources to begin the lifestyle they desire. As always, Paul and Sarah provide a wealth of examples and anecdotes from real-life "practical dreamers" who have overcome the obstacles above and more. They counsel small but potent steps we can take-such as keeping a photograph of a place we dream of living-that not only keep our ambitions alive, but create the circumstances for positive coincidences to occur. They instruct the reader on specific actions in areas including money and time management that can help foster the transition from one type of working and living situation to another. Finally, Paul and Sarah show how to take pleasure in what you have created and how to avoid creating another stress-filled lifestyle. The Practical Dreamer's Handbook is not geared specifically to home-based entrepreneurs, but rather to readers who yearn to begin any kind of new business, lifestyle, career, or artistic pursuit. Both therapeutic and pragmatic, it is the blueprint for which many have been searching.
Home Business, Big Business: The Definitive Guide to Starting and Operating On-Line and Traditional Home-Based Ventures
by Mel Cook

While not everyone who opens a home-based business will make it to the top, a number of notable success stories--including mail-order mogul Lillian Vernon, Borland International's Philippe Kahn, and Rebecca Matthias of Mothers Work--have proven it is possible to buck the odds and go from kitchen-table entrepreneur to big-time corporate honcho. The recently revised and expanded edition of Home Business, Big Business: The Definitive Guide to Starting and Operating On-Line and Traditional Home-Based Ventures, by consultant and retired CEO Mel Cook, is aimed at readers who hope to follow in their footsteps. Cook opens with short inspirational profiles of these and other formerly home-based high-achievers, and then lays out many of the basic details that can help one get from here to there. He touches on everything from initial planning and product/service pricing to daily operation and preparations for future growth. He also describes more than 100 work-at-home options, divided into categories like crafts, personal service, mail order, and manufacturing and repair, and has added a section about using the Net to launch and grow such enterprises. Final chapters deal with turnkey business ventures, legal considerations, opportunities for the elderly and disabled, and further resources. -- Howard Rothman


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:: Mannatech -- The best business opportunity in the world! Their licensing agreement with Carrington Laboratories for the patented aloe vera extract, Manapol, and their unprecedented commitment to clinical research has put them years ahead of the nutritional pack and on the same playing field with some of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in competing for a stake in this hot, new industry.

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