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The Best Free Things In America (Expanded 15th Edition)
by Linda Kalian, Bob Kalian, Linda

For over 20 years America's #1 Guide to getting something for nothing!! This brand new edition reveals exactly how to get thousands of exciting free things of every type and description including free gifts from the President, free stuff on the Internet, free sports memorabilia, product samples, free stuff for the kids, thousands of recipes and a whole lot more.
About the Author
Linda and Bob Kalian have spent the last 20 years uncovering over 6,000 free things of all kinds. They've discovered that companies love to give away freebies as their way of getting people to try their products. In this easy to use guide you will find free things for every member of the family no matter what their interests. They have appeared on over 250 radio and TV shows nationwide showing people how to "make every day like Christmas morning."
Free Stuff & Good Deals on the Internet
by Linda Bowman

Computer-savvy consumers can use this book to find an amazing array of freebies and bargains on the Internet. In addition to finding bargain airfares and discount newsletters, bargain hunters will find tips on winning online contests and prizes as well. Sites that offer free medical, legal, and business consulting are discussed, as are online sources of financial aid and scholarships. Ideas for starting an Internet business are provided, along with the best sites for free business information.
About the Author
Linda Bowman is a professional bargain hunter who has been a featured columnist for Bottom Line and Money Worth. She lives in Los Angeles.
Free Stuff for Kids 2002
by Free Stuff (Editor)

The Best Kids' Activity Book Just Got Better! Thousands of kids, parents, and teachers who use Free Stuff for Kids have sent in suggestions for this new, improved edition of America's favorite activity book. inside, you'll find everything you've been asking for. 90% New! Even if you bought Free Stuff for Kids last year, you're in for a treat. Most of the offers in this year's edition are new! Every section features new offers, with something for everyone. New Internet Freebies! The popular Internet section is full of cool new offers. This year, you'll find fun, free clownloadable software and ezines plus offers for tons of fun stuff that will be sent to you by mail for free! Toys and Fun Stuff! Free Stuff is bursting with toys and fun stuff kids can send away for by mail: cool jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets), stunt gliders, keychains, costume accessories, and loads of other fun stuff. Science Offers! This expanded section is crammed with fun offers for science-loving kids, including genuine fossils and artifacts, cool seeds, educational craft kits, and out-of-this-world stickers. Hobbies and Activities! This whole section is packed with stamps and coins for collectors, cool jewelry craft kits, pen pal club registration, and fabulous arts and crafts kits. And Much, Much More! Free Stuff for Kids has it all! Cool new stickers School and stationery supplies Temporary tattoos Bookmarks Comics and magazines Sports memorabilia Personalized stuff
Free Stuff & Good Deals for Your Kids
by Linda Bowman

Written for busy parents who want to find free gifts and great bargains for their kids, this parenting bargain resource is packed with information on free or reduced-cost medical and health care, education information, arts and crafts, sports and games, magazines and books, travel bargains, and more. Contact information for each company or organization is arranged so that it is quick and easy to take advantage of all of the offers in the book.
Free Stuff for Crafty Kids on the Internet
by Judy Heim, Gloria Hansen

Kids are irresistibly drawn to the Internet, and of course parents want to make their children's time online both safe and productive. This worthwhile guide scores on both counts, providing essential information on general Web navigation and usage, excellent safety pointers, and hundreds of URLs for many types of youth-oriented craft sites. Since it's organized by category, users can easily pinpoint a particular interest, from various paper crafts to polymer clay, rubber stamping to doll and teddy bear making, even magic and juggling. All the sites offer free downloads (generally project instructions and/or coloring pages); those that also sell craft products are marked with a shopping cart symbol. TV shows are perhaps inescapable when it comes to kids, but the authors give TV a refreshingly minimal presence, listing only those TV-related sites that offer coloring pages or craft activities. Parents will discover plenty of Web sites of interest to creative grownups, too. --Amy Handy
Free Stuff for Everyone (Special Edition)
by Barbara Becker

Daily Northwest Herald
"More than 30 chapters contains 400 free or postage-only offers..."
Teachers Magazine
"Over 30 chapters and 400 free offers..."
Book Description
The most incredible collection of FREE STUFF ever assembled - updated for 2001. Huge illustrated brand new directory just published reveals how to get hundreds and hundreds of free and postage only simply asking. Books, Fitness, Gardening, Gifts, Health & Beauty Aids, Jewelry, Magazines, Sports, Travel and more.
About the Author
B. Becker is the queen of free stuff. For years and years she has researched, cataloged and compiled the best offers. She has been featured in USA Today, ABC-TV and Family Circle to name a few.
Free Stuff for Busy Moms!
by Matthew Lesko, Mary Ann Martello

Moms are Really Busy! Government Data show that when a married women goes to work outside the home she will increase the family income by and extra 93% and her husband will increase his share of the housework by only one extra hour a week. Slow Down. Here's a book that will do your work for you.
Book Description
Uncle Sam Celebrates Busy Moms! Over 2,000 Government Programs for Moms and Women... Rich, Poor, Young, or Old! Get Free Money, Services, Gifts, Help and Information for your Home, Health, Career, Kids, Business, and Your Pocketbook!
Free Stuff for Women's Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
by Matthew Lesko, Mary Ann Martello, Mary Ann Martello Matthew Lesko

Thousands of Little-Known Government and Non-Profit Programs That Offer Free Money, Free Doctor Care, Free Information, Free Treatment, Free Services, Free Health Products, Free Books, Free Prescription Drugs, Free Videos, Free Expertise - For All Income Levels!
About the Author
Matthew Lesko is the #1 Source in the U.S. on Free Government information, expert advice, and money. A New York Times best-selling author and winner of two Best Reference Book of the Year Awards from the Amerian Library Association, Lesko tops the charts with his best-selling books "Information USA" and "Getting Yours". He has written over 80 books including his national bestsellers, "Gobs and Gobs of Free Stuff", and "Free Money To Change Your Life". His credentials include syndicated columns for the New York Times and Good Housekeeping Magazine, and a frequent guest on national TV talk shows including Larry King, Good Morning America, Jay Leno's Tonight Show, Oprah, and The Today Show.
Free College and Training Money For Women
by Matthew Lesko, Mary Ann Martello, Mary Ann Martello Matthew Lesko

Women have bigger brains. 26% more women than men are in college. 68% more women over 35 than men over 35 are taking college courses. 21% more working women than working men participate in non-college training...this book helps you get where you never thought possible with help and Matthew's expertise.
Book Description
A Book wich lists all the help women need to do what they've always dreamed with the help of $80 Billion in Grants, Loans, Scholarships just for Women Who Want to Go Back to School or Train for a New Job.
How to Go to College Almost for Free
by Benjamin R. Kaplan, Ben Kaplan

While still in high school, Ben Kaplan won more than two dozen merit-based scholarships amounting to more than $90,000 in funds for use at any school. After graduating from Harvard magna cum laude in 2001, he self-published How to Go to College Almost for Free: The Secrets of Winning Scholarship Money, selling more than 65,000 copies out of a custom tour bus dedicated to raising awareness about scholarships. Now reissued, his book offers advice on how to find and win money for college, delivered in an energetic and inspiring voice with broad appeal.
Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.
Get Free Cash for College
by Kelly Y. Tanabe, Gen S. Tanabe

2 books in 1: Complete scholarship directory and comprehensive strategy guide!
The secrets, tips, and strategies used by actual students to win millions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships are revealed in this guide for parents and high school, college, and graduate students. Every step of the scholarship process is examined, with advice about finding the right scholarships, crafting applications, writing exceptional essays, and acing interviews. A comprehensive scholarship directory containing more than 400,000 award listings representing more than $1.1 billion in prize money is provided and indexed by categories including career goal, major, geographic area, and academic achievement.
Free Money For Your Retirement
by Matthew Lesko, Mary Ann Martello

You don't have to retire rich to have a rich retirement!
Ny Times Best Selling Author, "Mr. Info", Matthew Lesko reveals how to live the life you've always wanted,even if you'd like to retire, are retired, never want to retire, or even go for a new career, at any age! For years you've been working hard and paying taxes. Isn't it time you find out about all the programs Uncle Sam has for you to start getting your tax money back? Start Enjoying!
Free Stuff & Good Deals for Folks Over 50
by Linda Bowman, Jorge Pacheco (Illustrator)

From entertainment to health care, this handy guide hunts down goods and services available only for those over the age of 50.
With information on tourist attractions, eating out, dancing, golf, travel, auditing classes, and tax relief, seniors will have the world of cheap and even free goodies opened up for them. This guide contains practical information such as listings of health organizations and public and private agencies that work for seniors, as well as a listing of books and magazines aimed at mature adults. Also included is advice for using the Internet and toll-free calls to find great deals.
The Best Free Things for Seniors
by Bob Kalian, Linda Kalian

If you're over 50, thousands of valuable free things are now yours for the asking... free product samples, free travel, free money for college, free prescription drugs, free gifts from the President, free dental care and legal help...and a whole lot more.
About the Author
For the past 20 years the authors have searched out the best free things in America. Now they have done the same for anyone over the age of 50 and discovered that the 'free life' gets even better once you're a senior. --


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