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Released in 2007

Lost Highway
Track listings 
1. Lost Highway 
2. Summertime 
3. Make a Memory 
4. Whole Lot Of Leaving 
5. We Got It Going On 
6. Any Other Day 
7. Seat Next To You 
8. Everybody's Broken 
9. Stranger (feat. Leann Rimes) 
10. The Last Night 
11. One Step Closer 
12. I Love This Town

Released in 2005

Have a Nice Day
Track listings 
1. Have a Nice Day 
2. I Wanna Be Loved 
3. Welcome to Wherever You Are 
4. Who Says You Can't Go Home? 
5. Last Man Standing 
6. Bells of Freedom 
7. Wildflower 
8. Last Cigarette 
9. I Am 
10. Complicated 
11. Novocaine 
12. Story of My Life 
13. Who Says You Can't Go Home? 

Released in 2004

100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong
Playing off of Elvis Presleyís 1959 album 50 Million Elvis Presley Fans Canít Be Wrong, right down to the gold-lame suits, the quartet dons on the cover, stalwart rockers Bon Jovi make a strong case that theyíre one of the true populist bands of their era with a box set that serves up dozens of previously unheard and seldom heard offerings. Designed as a heaping 20-year anniversary feast for insatiable fans, the four-disc/bonus DVD collection is surprisingly vital and consistent, considering that just about everything included was initially either rejected or related to B-sides and soundtracks. The high quality of these castoffs is attributable to the bandís habit of preparing dozens of tracks for each album and cutting loose strong compositions that didnít fit with the theme of the completed product. Thus, some stylistic stretches were left in the vaults (check out the Southside Johnny-style r&b of "Love Ainít Nothing But a Four Letter Word"). Bon Jovi fans will find be delighted by this collection, and even skeptics may find themselves reconsidering these Jersey survivors. --Steven Stolder

Released in 2003

This Left Feels Right: Greatest Hits With a Twist
Track listing
1. Wanted Dead or Alive
2. Livin' on a Prayer
3. Bad Medicine
4. It's my Life
5. Lay Your Hands on me
6. You give love a bad name
7. Bed of Roses
8. Everyday
9. Born to be my baby
10. Keep the Faith
11. I'll be there for you
12. Always

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