Name: Christopher Bradley

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Form of EB: Junctional, non-herlitz

Birthdate: April 3, 1993

Parents: Tammy and Gary Bradley

Siblings: Joey and Breeana, EB free, and a little brother Jeffrey, who also has EB.

More About Christopher:
Hi all, this is my son Christopher Bradley. He is 6 years old born on April 3, 1993. He was due on April 11th of that year which would have been Easter but he decided to come early.
Christopher was born with Junctional Non Herlitz EB. When he was born he had a few blisters on his hands from sucking in utero. We didn't know what EB was or never had heard of it before. After he was born he lost a lot of skin due to that fact that no one knew what was wrong or how to handle him. He was airlifted to Albuquerque UNM to a NICU. He stayed there for 15 days.
Once we got him home and learned how to handle and take care of him he did pretty well. We had some problems with keeping milk down but it got better. We've had to undergo a couple of surgeries but he is doing wonderful now.
Christopher loves to play wrestling with his brother Joey (EB free). They have tons of guys and a big ring. He also likes army guys and race cars, (his daddy has one). Christopher also plays school and house with his sister Breeana (EB free) too. He plays lots of games on the computer and is really getting into board games. Also he loves to play with his cousin Brian that is 3 years old. He asks everyday "Are we going to see Brian today?"...They play so good together.
Christopher is in kindergarten this year and is doing really well. He looks forward to going to school and has fun there. All of his teachers adore him. He is really very shy but he is finally coming out of it a little ....I hope anyway! I am going to have a baby in February and Christopher is so excited! He always is asking Joey what it will be like to be a BIG brother. He is so sweet because he tells me he hopes Jeffrey won't have EB because it really hurts to have EB. (Doesn't this make you want to cry!!!) What a sweet guy he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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