Photo Restoration

An amazing family treasure is having photographs of our ancestors. Unfortunately, many of the photos we get passed down to us are not in the best condition. Some are scratched or torn, some have been glued to photo albums, others may have been kept in boxes where they have been exposed to moisture and have become moldy, or have been placed in frames and have become faded.

Photo Retouching/Manipulation

Basic retouching includes fixing skin or blemishes & whiten teeth. More complex retouching may include colorizing b&w photos, removing items or people or change the background.
Manipulation on the other hand is different than just retouching a photo, this gives a whole new idea/feeling to the image.


I love Nature Photography! Sunsets, Joshua Trees and my kids are my most cherished subjects.
While I enjoy shooting landscapes and scenery, what I love to shoot the most are the details. It could be the details of a flower or a shell at the beach. No matter what it is, it allows us to see an entirely different world that usually goes unnoticed by the naked eye.

This photo of my Nonna from the 1950s was badly damaged with scratches and it had been folded. As you pass the mouse over it, you will see how the restoration brought it back to perfection.

For more examples of my restorations, CLICK HERE.

This photo of my Mom at the lake with her girlfriends in the 1950s was only slightly damaged, but the guy behind them and the one in the water were a distraction. As you pass the mouse over it, you will see the men disappear.

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The photos of flowers and Joshua Trees are my favorites, but I love etreme close-ups as well. The idea that the world we live in is more complex than we realize is something that fascinates me.

For more examples of my work, CLICK HERE.

I'm Silvia, a freelance Graphic Designer. I specialize in Image Restoration, Retouching and Manipulation and I am an occasional Photographer. I am also an Author and an Activist for my son's brutal disorder, Epidermolysis Bullosa. Learn more about EB on my site @ Click Here to learn more about me.
This site is a showcase of all my creative work. Thanks for stopping by!


December 24, 2012

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